Mozaik Investment Corporation is a private investment firm founded in 2004 specializing in real estate and new business development opportunities around the globe. Properties are acquired, financed and developed with the objective of new business creation for Mozaik's own portfolio as well as for those of its clients. Mozaik works directly with private investors, banks, and other commercial lenders to provide clients with a full suite of high-growth investment choices. The principals of Mozaik Investment Corporation have extensive experience in all facets of commercial and industrial real estate acquisition, finance, and a new business development, with particular emphasis on the oil, gas, and chemical businesses. Mozaik is in the final stages of a real estate acquisition and new business development project in the Caspian Sea region. This project, in a CIS country, is an excellent opportunity for the investor seeking high returns in emerging markets. Investment information is available to qualified investors upon request.


  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition
  • Oil, gas, and chemical business acquisition
  • Specialists in new business development opportunities around the globe
  • Experience working directly with private investors and commercial lenders